Concrete Services

Shot Crete

Sometimes referred to as Gunite or sprayed concrete, shot crete is concrete that is pneumatically sprayed at high velocity onto a surface. When combined with steel rods or framing, it allows for easy creation of robust, contoured or sloped concrete surfaces. Since the concrete exits the sprayer at such a high velocity, it is compacted on impact. This allows for the creation of overhang and vertical surfaces on site.

Swimming Pools, Canals, Lake shore,
& Slope Protection

Slopes are no match for the skills of our crew.

If you're looking to protect the foundation of your property or business, a concrete retaining wall can be an affordable solution to your problem. For canals or lake shores under threat of erosion, a layer of concrete will shrug the water and waves off for decades to come. We offer a variety of concrete based solutions for your consideration.

Outdoor Pool